About Us

Dear Friends,

We're dog lovers through and through.  We hope you share our passion for the outdoors, fun, and cool gear.  TIGER TAIL® has been a joy to bring into existence.  What started off from a literal dream about a highly tactile dog leash in 2019 has become a reality. Almost a year of research and development, business planning, patent applications, and production have proven worth the effort.

We've worked to bring a uniquely versatile dog leash to market. We're including design and materials that have never before been used in the pet market.  The result is a quality product that will last a lifetime.

It hasn't been all work.  Collaborating has been a great excuse to spend time together outside our busy family lives.  We've been friends since high school.  Both of us have wonderful spouses, a couple kids, and (of course) dogs.  We're proud to offer you and your furry friend our TIGER TAIL® family of leashes and collars.  May your walks be filled with memories and adventure.


Matt & Shane